When you chose Learn Skills as your training partner we deploy your courseware purchase through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System and provide you with access to manage all aspects of your training initiative. This solution offers your organization the ability to use an enterprise-level LMS that is hosted, maintained and technically supported by us - at no charge to you. Learn Skills also provides Branded, Hosted and Proprietary LMS solutions.

Initiating, managing and measuring workplace training requires high quality, reliable and secure technology. Learn Skills provides a range of comprehensive training management solutions to help organizations deliver effective formal and informal learning that is tied to clear organizational and individual outcomes.

In addition, Learn Skills creates dynamic training portals that are branded with your corporate or public identity and include the same access to our enterprise level Learning Management System and online training that you select from our courseware library. Our secure Hosted LMS is solution is for those organizations seeking to outsource the maintenance and technical support of their existing and new SCORM content. In effect, Learn Skills will provide all of the IT support for all of your existing and new computer based training initiatives. Or, the Learn Skills Learning Management Proprietary Solution is for those seeking to purchase and install a proprietary LMS that is technically supported by us.

Building a number of courses for the ABA and developing a customized learning management system which would work online as well as could be delivered from CD/DVD. Providing Hosting and Support.

Advanced Irish Language Training for Solicitors in Ireland, to allow the solicitors to become more proficient in the Irish Language. This system includes video lectures and also allows the participants to use a Video Blog and discuss and answer questions via the online video chat messages. The system was developed and is still maintained by Learn Skills.

Development of a LMS for the ICOS Skillnet and adopted for their particular needs. The system was developed and is still maintained by Learn Skills.

Learn Skills has developed and is hosting and maintaining the Learning Management Systems to teach learners in various security related subjects.

Full Development of the a customized Learning Management System for all Centra and SuperValu Stores in Ireland, including a Booking system so that store owners and HR managers can manage any type of training needs for their staff. This includes booking staff members onto face-to-face, online courses and training plans.

Learn Skills was contracted to rebuild, upgrade and maintain their two Learning Management Systems. One system is used to automatically assess the language skills. The other one is used in a blended learning approach together with class room led lectures.

Development of a LMS for the Law Society of Ireland. The system is for 11,000 Solicitors in Ireland to do their Continuing Professional Development. The system was developed and is still maintained by Learn Skills.